Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome to my Health Blog

For awhile now people have told me I should start a blog because I'm always offering helpful tips on health to them and they keep telling me I should be able to share it with more people. I thought that I would try making a blog so I could post some articles and share some valuable information. We all know how important our health can be and how we should be putting the effort in to take care of ourselves in the best way possible.

Sometimes I have a hard time doing just that especially when I'm busy with school or work. I have a bad habit of not sleeping enough or eating proper meals and I've made a health scheduled recently to try to help prevent myself from my unhealthy practices. Some of you might be wondering health schedule? What do you mean?

Well simply put i bought a calender and figured out all the free time that I have first between school and work and figured out how much time I have then I made sure to mark sleeping hours so I have a set sleeping time (I'm sure some of you might be thinking but I'm too old for a bed time but this is important). Then I added food to the schedule like for example today I spent about an hour making vegan potsticker's . This makes quite a lot of them an ungodly amount compared to what one person can eat so what I do is I make myself lunches and spread it our during the week. Of course I don't eat it everyday but I have other recipes which help to mix things up this way I'm not eating instant noodles all week and loading myself up on MSG.

Another thing which I also make some time for is exercise and trust me I don't spend more then 10 minutes in this area because my time is so limited but I do make sure to do some type of exercise or yoga at least after a meal to help burn off some of the calories. The last important thing that goes on the list is vitamins and supplements of course you might be thinking herbs are voodoo or some form of black magic and being in the medical field I see how drugs are pushed so often today. But I've done a lot of research on my own and that usually is the best way to go about anything is look information up on your own to see what legitimate results you can find. And I would have to say that I've found enough information which leads me to believe that herbal and vitamin's are a positive treatment for quite a large number of problems.   

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