Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weight Loss as simple as drinking tea?

This is actually something that I've heard recently that you can simply drink certain types of tea to help with weight loss. So today I've decided to do some research about types of tea which are good in this area and I'm going to try drinking a type and see if I notice any positive results after a week.

One of the biggest ones which seems to stick out in search engines often is Oolong tea (black dragon)
so I think this might be the one I'll try. I've had oolong tea once before from a friend of mine who invited me for tea with his family once and it tasted pretty good.  The interesting thing I found was that there is many different types of oolong tea even a very expensive types of oolong tea which comes from Fujian in China.

One of the really expensive types of Oolong is called Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao). I was curious so I checked on amazon it seems this tea costs $110.00 for eight ounces on amazon pretty pricy if you ask me. But I would imagine part of the expense comes from it being around since the Ming Dynasty not to mention that it grows on the side of a mountain and isn't very easily access able to people.

Most likely I will not be buying this type of tea to try even with the so called story about an empress that was healed from an illness by drinking the tea from this mountain. Since we have science we can understand that while stories from the past can provide some entertainment and learning experiences we know that if science proves that oolong in general is good for your health the type should not matter as much. Only the quality of the tea matters so I plan on going over to a local Asian food store and seeing what they have. Then try drinking it for a few weeks to see if I notice any change in weight loss.

I will also be continuing my normal exercise routine while drinking the tea as well as my sleep and eating patterns since changing what I normally do would not be an effective way to see if I notice changes. I will provide everyone with an update on how it worked out. 

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