Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Way's to Help in the Battle of Cancer

I know my last articles covered quite a wide area of information but I cannot stress enough the importance of  taking steps to battle cancer before you get it. Especially after hearing some information from the American Medical Association which said they estimate 60 percent of the 2.1 billion prescriptions that were prescribed to treat condition's were either not tested or approved to treat those conditions. Many of the prescriptions you find on shelves are not even tested by the FDA before ending up on the shelves. It's easier to just approve them and use us as guinea pigs and then when the drugs cause horrible symptoms and people die and the drug ends up on the list of lawsuits then the FDA comes in to test it to see and finds out it causes horrible side effects after the damage was already done.

While you might not think about it there is at least ten things that we do everyday which can cause cancer and to give you an idea of what I mean I'll explain.

Cosmetic Phthalates- Many of the cosmetic products which you use on a daily basis will contain phthalates (plasticizers) and you can find them in many products like for example deodorants, fragrances, hair spray, shampoos and many other bath and beauty products. Besides increasing durability and binding the lovely smells we enjoy but also have been shown to damage reproductive and developmental in lab test animals. The state of California has banned phthalates in the manufacturing of child toys. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes a potential for lowered sperm count in boys and premature breast development in girls but they continue to do research on the effects meanwhile we are still using products containing this chemical in many cases. The FDA claims that other products have safe levels for adults. But again when your using many different products which each contain this chemical your giving yourself a double or triple dose of it every day so it must have some negative effects on your body not to mention I know when I was a kid I used the same products my parents used.

 Flame Retardants- Many products which contain flame retardants are things like mattresses, circuit boards,  computer casings, television, and upholstery. These contain what is called polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs for short which can cause learning and memory problems, lowered sperm counts and poor thyroid functioning in rats. These chemical's can either be ingested by eating animal products which contain it or they can be inhaled from dust or air. These chemicals are so strong that they have even shown up in waterways so once they get into your body you cannot get rid of them. Women can pass the chemical to infants because PBDE's can build up in the womb and breast milk.

Baby Bottles which contain BPA- Canada has already outlawed baby bottles made from polycarbonate plastics because they are made using a chemical bisphenol-a (BPA). These bottles when heated release BPA which is a hormone disputer which can effect natural hormones in young children.

Cleaning Solutions and Air Fresheners- The University of California found that in small or unventilated area's many cleaning solutions and air fresheners which are used to make the room smell clean and fresh can release toxic chemical's which are ethylene-based glycol ethers and terpenes. When these chemical's mix with the ozone in the air they can cause a poisonous combination. Air fresheners especially can contain nitrogen dioxide which can cause cancer in some animal's. Other air fresheners can contain paradichlorobenzene which in California is known to cause cancer and can be found in pesticides, deodorants, and disinfectants. They build up in your body's fatty tissues and while they claim it could be a carcinogen but say there is no direct evidence to support that there is proof that animals given very high levels in water have developed liver and kidney tumors.

Lead Paint- This applies if you own a house which was built before 1978 if you have to do any repainting make sure you do not remove paint by sanding, burning, or scraping it. Make sure to have a professional do it so you do not end up subjecting yourself to toxins. 

Chemical's from Laser Printers- This one I found surprising a University in Australia found that some printers can give off fine particles which can cause serious health problems. Another study which was done by the National Institute of Public Health also confirmed that laser and ink-jet printers can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ozone, and particulates. Depending on the amount of exposure it has been linked with lung and heart disease.

Chemical's from the ink and glue of Carpet- Carpet installed indoors can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) because of the glue and dye which is used during the installation process. Best way to avoid this is have your carpet retailer air out the carpet before installing it or keeping the room well ventilated to prevent VOC's from building up in the room.

Pressed Wood Products- Many products which are made with pressed wood contain a chemical known as urea-formaldehyde which with heat and humidity can increase the release of this chemical. Exposure to formaldehyde can be very dangerous and include side effects such as burning eyes and throat, possibly setting off watery eyes, difficulty breathing and asthma attacks it has also been known to cause cancer in animal's.

Pesticides- This includes all types they are made with poisonous chemicals to kill bugs and animal's and many of them contain chemicals which cause cancer and other serious effects. Like was mentioned above paradichlorobenzene is also used in many pesticides.

Mothballs- These have a bad smell and because they are made from a gas you would not want to breath these in too much. They contain paradichlorobenzene which causes cancer like I explained above. Other types can also contain naphthalene which can damage or destroy red blood cells and can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. A natural way to avoid using mothballs is cedar chip because bugs don not like the smell of cedar.

That was only ten things daily and many of us do a combination of all of the above daily which is increasing our risk for either developing different diseases or the possibility of getting cancer. And if you work in an environment which contains these you also are subjecting yourself to even more danger.

If your cleansing your body of metals like lead above or mercury which is contained in fish. You would want to eat cilantro of course a easier way to tackle this would be herbal supplements such as heavy metal detox which contains cilantro and other herbs which help to cleanse your body of metals which you might have been exposed too. Vitamin C is also good it can help your body speed up the removal process of lead but also helps build a strong immune system. Fiber is also very useful and it can be found in red beat roots, figs, oat bran, and prunes.

Other herbs which can help aid with cleansing lead or just cleansing the liver in general include milk thistle and milk thistle this can also help other toxins besides lead. These can help you by removing toxins that you might have been exposed to over the years at your job or at home.

Calcium and Vitamin D are also helpful in fighting colon cancer by reducing colon polyps. You can also help your body by eating sauerkraut or having garlic with everything you eat both contain cancer fighting compounds which can lower the risk of getting cancer. Cantaloupe is another great fruit which contains carotenoids that help fight lung cancer.  And in another article I spoke of barbeque being bad because of the charcoal causing cancer if you coat the barbeque in a thick sauce or precook the meat in the oven before finishing it on the grill you'll reduce the amount of chemical's the flames create.