Friday, May 11, 2012

The Battle of Kidney Stones

This is a topic which my dad was having frequent problems with and he asked his doctor what he could do to prevent from getting kidney stones and they didn't have any answer to it saying that kidney stones just happens and it can be prevented. It really frustrates him having to go for extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy treatments and he came to me and asked me about kidney stones and whether their was anyway to prevent them. I didn't have an answer to this either I've been told the same as other doctors that their is no way to prevent them.

But it made me think because I never like to just agree with what someone says I love to do research on topics so I can be sure all the information I've been using is accurate. So I headed over to the library to do some research and while I was sitting reading an elderly lady sat down in front of me. She asked what I was reading and I told her about why I was doing the research. She praised the fact that I was trying to help aid my dad and she asked me if he ever tried drinking lemon juice.

This sounded like some kind of weird voodoo remedy and even though I do support natural treatment I like to be careful about what I recommend because there are a lot of myth remedies out there so I thought at first this might be something half baked. I didn't end up finding anything else which was good at the library so I headed home and decided to try Google for information.

Sure enough after searching I found about potassium citrate which is a pill form of lemon juice and saw many great articles from people who recommended drinking lemon juice to prevent and to treat kidney stones. I told my dad about it and since hes stubborn he did not want to drink it to prevent getting them so like a year later he ended up with them again and I had my mother force him to try using lemon juice since he won't listen to me as much as he will my mother. 

After about a week of doing it everything was back to normal and so far he has not had a problem since so far. I never got to thank the women who I met their at the library but if she comes across this article I hope she knows that she has my thanks for not only providing valid information but expanding my knowledge as a future doctor.

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