Saturday, May 19, 2012

Follow Up on Oolong Tea

So I said I would do a follow up about the test with drinking oolong tea to tell you if I've lost weight or not I do realize that usually to get a proper test of something you want to do it continually and so far I've only lost about a pound which isn't much unfortunately.  But what I have noticed was my skin has cleared up some. I have eczema something I didn't really mention I had no idea that oolong tea has an effect on eczema but I've noticed quite a big difference. I've been drinking three cups per day.

I think I'll continue experimenting with oolong especially since I find I'm actually enjoying drinking it. I have a doctors appointment next month for a check up so I'll continue drinking it and let you guys know if it makes any effect during the doctors checkup. One thing I have noticed with it is I can't drink it too late at night because of the caffeine that it contains but its a great start to the mornings.

 I usually drink one in the morning then bring some in a small bag and have one at lunch and because I can't drink it too late at night I'll have one after I get home from school and that also keeps me up and active during work and gives enough time when I get home and have dinner the effects are warn off and the caffeine no longer is effecting me.

The store I bought the oolong from I asked the Asian women if there was any difference because they had like three different types and she said they taste different. I ended up getting one which has a pretty she recommended me to one which she said is fruity and has a aroma of honey. I really like it although I'm tempted to go back and try all the other types to see if I have a favorite flavor out of all of them. 

But all in all this was a really good experience for something to try. I wouldn't say it's a miracle weight loss treatment since weight loss is best done with multiple steps of exercise, diet, and life style changes if your addicted to fast food or processed food. But it doesn't hurt if you like the taste of oolong tea to give it a try.

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