Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update on Tea's And Other Information

I know it has been quite a few weeks since I last posted. I apologize in preparation of 4th of July I lost track of time and computer upgrade of my computer but I have not forgotten about the tea's. One unfortunate thing is that not all of the manufactures actually have given responses. And some that have also lied about whether or not their tea used Epichlorohydrin.

So the best way to find out is use the trick which I posted here. Otherwise you might not get accurate information. But way to avoid cancer is to have your tea loose. While it might be more annoying because you have to strain the tea you will not have to worry about any type of toxins. Even if the bag is sealed with a form of plastic seal some of the plastics can break down with the water heat and also release chemicals which can cause cancer.

Any steps that you can take to limit your exposure to certain chemicals will increase your life in the long run. While things can happen which we have no control over we do have control over what we eat and how well we take care of ourselves and what we use on a daily basis. Even the smallest steps can help to improve our health. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune to improve your health either cause I do realize that much of the food that you buy from health food stores can be very expensive and not everyone has access to these types of stores. But everyone does have access to your local grocery stores. All you have to do is learn to make food which does not come prefrozen or in a can.

Avoiding food that is process is another important way to stay healthy not just because of the massive amounts of salt that these processed foods contain but the unneeded chemicals which are used to preserve or give it a flavor or color that is pleasing to the person that eats it. Even in your favorite snacks you'll find dye colors to make your food look a certain way like for example I'm sure everyone has had Doritos at one time or another. If I can draw your attention to the wikipedia page for Doritos if you look at the ingredients you'll see artificial color (including Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Red 40). Just so you know when I'm talking about them I'm not making it up.

Of course processed food is not the only one at fault. Canned food deserves some blame too especially that it also contains a vary of preservatives  and also the metal that it is contained in gets into the food and contaminates it. You should always at least wash food that comes from a can that will not only remove some of the contamination but will also improve the taste of the food.

That's all I have for now but I will not forget about you guys now that things have calmed down I'll have another interesting medical related article soon for you. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.


  1. What is your opinion on drinking hot tea when its hot?

    1. Drinking it when its hot would most likely give the most benefits at least i would think but I prefer hot tea in general.


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