Monday, June 4, 2012

How to tell if Epichlorohydrin is in your tea?

Since I've found a lot of interesting information about epichlorohydrin I had to see if there was a way of finding out if a tea really did contain epichlorohydrin. From what I researched epichlorohydrin when it interacts with water turns into 3-MCPD but that does not really tell us what it looks like or anything like that. So I asked a fellow friend who's studying to become a biochemist and he told me that when 3-MCPD if formed it appears as a oil on the top of the water.

So I decided to try an experiment to see if that was the case so I went to the store and picked up a small box of Lipton tea since it is on our list of tea's which contain epichlorohydrin. So I boiled some water in my kettle and put a tea bag into a cup. When the water was boiled I poured it into the cup and I did not notice anything at first and I put some milk into it because I was going to end up just drinking it thinking that there was nothing wrong with the Lipton tea bag. As I poured the milk into the cup that is when I noticed the small layer of oil on top of the tea. I took a piece of cotton which absorbed the oil on top of the tea but decided against drinking the tea because I value my health.

So this is a way to test tea if you have tea at home you can actually figure out whether it has epichlorohydrin in it by looking to see if you see oil on top of the tea. If no oil is there then chances are the tea bag does not contain epichlorohydrin to seal the bag. And if you do that means the bag uses epichlorohydrin or a polyamine-epichlorohydrin resin.

Ultimately I think if your really concerned with your health it is best to avoid drinking tea which uses tea bags to begin with. Tea made just from leaves contains more flavor and aroma and there is no worrying about some kind of poison glue or chemical used in either the bag creation or the bag sealing.

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